Canyoning in Savoie and Haute-Savoie

Canyoning around Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers

Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers canyoning

Canyoning around Annecy, canyoning between Albertville and Moutiers as well as the water trekking, Odyssée Canyon team offers canyoning trips in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Book your canyoning trip.

Odyssée Canyon is a small family-run business offering canyoning trips at different levels. High technical and sportif level canyoning in the Angon sportif and Montmin sportif canyons. Discovery canyoning in the Angon discovery, Montmin discovery and Frontenex discovery canyons. Eau Rousse Family canyon and water trekking.

The canyons

Most of the canyons proposed by the Odyssée Canyon team are located in Haute-Savoie on the Lake Annecy side and in the towns around the sources of Lake Annecy, towards Talloires, Montmin, Faverges and Frontenex. The Eau Rousse canyon is on the Savoie side between Albertville and Moutiers. All the canyons are around one hour’s drive from the Mont Blanc region, The resorts of Les Saisies and La Rosière and from Val d’Arly with its resorts Praz-sur-Arly and Crest-Voland Cohennoz.

Canyoning trip

Canyoning or canyoneering trips are safely supervised by a Professional with a DE canyoning qualification. Christophe specialises in canyoning and is equipped with the latest equipment that complies with current standards. He speaks French, English and Italian. Emmanuelle takes bookings and organises meeting points and times. She will also advise you on the canyons best suite to your level.

Canyoning : an outdoor sports activity in the heart of nature

Outdoor canyoning

Canyoning or canyoneering is one of the most popular outdoor activities today. Canyoning is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by families, couples, individuals or friends. Nevertheless, canyoning remains an outdoor sport and a sporting activity. It consists of descending a section of river that is relatively narrow, with obstacles that can be overcome in a fun or technical way, with or without the use of mountain equipment. Canyons are usually aquatic. There are a mixture of waterfalls and natural pools, so it’s advisable to enjoy water and know how to swim.

A sporting activity

There are few canyoning trips where there is no walk before or after the canyon. Canyoning descents can be of very different athletic and technical levels. The main techniques for overcoming obstacles are : abseiling, jumps, slides and sometime zip lines. All these obstacles are interspersed with walking or swimming during the descent.


Canyoning abseiling Odyssée Canyon


Canyoning waterfall jump Odyssée Canyon


Canyoning toboggan waterfall Odyssée Canyon

Canyoning in Annecy and Albertville/Moutiers with canyons of different levels

Canyons of different levels

Our classification of sportif canyoning, discovery canyoning and family canyoning takes account of the various technical levels and the obstacles that will be encountered. So, in each of the canyons we offer, there is walking before, during and after the canyon. We also take into account the length, difficulty and exit possibilities of the canyon. The water level remains a criterion that depends on the weather.

“sportif” canyoning

* Advanced canyons : A series of upper and lower sections of the Angon and Montmin canyons represent more technical, athletic outings, with more walking for the Angon waterfall.

“discovery” canyoning

* Discovery canyons : The Frontenex canyon and the lower parts of the Angon and Montmin canyons offer shorter, less technical outings with less walking.

“family” canyoning

* Family canyoning : The Eau Rousse canyon is a part of the river with little walking, made up of a mix of paths offering multiple options for very fun passages where nothing is compulsory.

Water trekking near Annecy

Water trekking

You don’t need mountain equipment for an aquatic hike. As the name suggests, it’s a hike in a body of water. Supervised by a qualified canyoning professional, there may be swimming sections as well as fun sections where you can try your hand at jumps, slides or other optional activities. In all cases, you’ll need to know how to swim.

aqua hike to Annecy in Seythenex in Haute Savoie with canyon odyssey and river hike with optional jump and slide

The Odyssée canyoning team

Odyssée team

  • Emmanuelle : manages scheduling, bookings, clients and guides. She’s the link between everything and everyone. She’s “THE” key member of the team.
  • Christophe : DE canyoning qualification, AQA canyoning, community sports leader for UCPA, qualified even before the first canyoning diploma existed !
  • Matteo : 19 years old, French/Italian, accompanies us for the photos/videos.
Canyoning and canyon descent with Odyssée Canyon in Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers in Haute-Savoie and Savoie

Booking canyoning and water trekking trips

Book your canyon

To book your canyoning trip in Savoie and Haute-Savoie with Odyssée canyoning, Emmanuelle is on call 7/7 from 8am to 8pm at +33 630 682 762. Emmanuelle will tell you when we are available and help you choose your canyon. If you are calling from outside the European Union, you can also call us on WhatsApp. Please no SMS bookings !

Payment for canyoning and water trekking trips

Canyoning payment

Payment for the outing must be made on site in cash or cheque.
PLEASE NOTE : we do not accept credit cards or holiday vouchers.

Payment for canyoning and canyoning trips with Odyssée Canyon in Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers in Haute-Savoie and Savoie

Transport and meeting points for your canyoning trip

Transport and meeting

You are responsible for your own transport to the meeting point. When you book, Emmanuelle will give you a time and meeting point. Find your Meeting point and the GPS location corresponding to your canyon.

logo odyssee canyon avec canyoning en savoie haute savoie et descentes de canyons et canyonisme du côté de annecy et albertville ainsi que de la randonnee aquatique

Canyoning outdoor activity

First of all, canyoning is an outdoor sporting activity with no need for a boat. It involves walking, swimming and crossing obstacles in different ways, either by jumping, sliding, abseiling. It is therefore essential to know how to swim.

Secondly, the approach, descent and return times are given as a guide only, and may vary according to weather conditions, how often the canyon is used and the level of the group.

Please note that canyoning is not recommended for people who are sensitive to vertigo or have weak backs. So please, don’t force anyone to come. It is OBLIGATORY to inform us of any physical or mental handicap when you make your reservation, just as it is required to inform the guide before your departure in canyon.

banniere odyssee canyon with canyoning in savoie haute savoie and canyoning near annecy and albertville as well as water trekking