Montmin canyon "very sporty" option

Annecy canyoning : Montmin canyon “very sporty” option

Canyoning Annecy Montmin “very sporty”

We offer a half-day “very sporty” option of canyoning at the Montmin canyon near Lake Annecy in Haute-Savoie.

Fun and very sporty

15-30 minute approach walk
Canyoning descent 3h00-3h30
30-minute return walk 150m ascent
Children aged 14 and over
10 people max/group

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Montmin canyon “very sporty” option

Canyon Montmin

The Montmin canyon is located above the village of Vésonne on the Montmin road towards the Col de la Forclaz. This canyon is located in Haute-Savoie near Lake Annecy and 30 minutes from Albertville. This canyoning trip is not only a very sporting outing, but also a fun canyoning trip with its many jumps, slides and abseils. The canyon is open to adults and children aged 14 and over who are in very good physical condition.

Description of the Montmin “very sporty” canyoning

Montmin “very sporty”

First of all, there’s a short approach walk, which can be done from two different places. One is along a path that descends steeply into the canyon and is equipped with fixed ropes. The other is via a path a little further upstream, which is less steep and adds another 15 to 20 minutes of river walking.

Then comes the first canyoning section, which is varied. It consists of small jumps, slides and abseils less than ten metres long, interspersed with river walks, including a passage under a magnificent arch. Small non-compulsory passages under caves and the passage through a siphon, also optional, add to the aesthetic and fun aspects of this part of the torrent. You’ll also discover an exuberant natural environment and beautiful limestone formations.

The second canyoning section begins when you reach a superb thirty-metre waterfall on the left bank. From there, it’s a series of abseils or top rope descents of around ten metres, as well as optional jumps of less than 5 metres and small slides. An optional cave section offers the more adventurous an extra challenge. This second half of the canyon is narrower and more technical than the first. Nevertheless, it remains accessible to novice sports enthusiasts in an atmosphere of adventure and discovery.

These two sections of river descent combined make this a very athletic outing with less emphasis on the technical aspect. This is the Haute-Savoie region and Montmin is a mountain stream with rather cold water. So, even if you’re well equipped by Odyssey Canyon, it’s important not to be too slow so as not to find yourself too chilly halfway down. The speed at which you descend the Montmin “very sporty” canyon is an essential factor in its enjoyment, as it is directly related to the cold. And when you’re cold, you don’t appreciate it. That’s why we only take children aged 14 and over on the Montmin sports course. If you are sensitive to the cold, opt instead for the Montmin canyon “Discovery” option, which is only half the course.

This sequence of two canyoning descents ends with a return walk of around 30 minutes along a path that climbs 150 metres back to the car park.

In conclusion, the descent of the Montmin canyon “very sporty” option  is one of the most beautiful sequences on offer. Indeed, it’s an adventure canyoning course in a wild, green environment where you’ll come across a variety of fun obstacle-clearing techniques that will keep you on your toes right to the end. It’s also a generally fluid canyon with less steep abseils than the Angon canyon “very sporty”.

Material supplied

Neoprene wetsuit, canyoning harness, helmet, canyoning bag...


Closed tennis type shoes. Bathing suit or shorts. Aquashoes prohibited.
You can reserve a pair of SELAND canyon shoes with Emmanuelle when you book. Allow an extra 10€ per pair of shoes. Please note, however, that we only have a limited stock available. RESERVATION MANDATORY.


Personal liability insurance MANDATORY.


The appointment time will be communicated to you by Emmanuelle when you make your reservation.


Payment must be made on site by cheque or cash. We do not accept credit cards or vacation vouchers.


Montmin “very sporty” meeting point

The Montmin canyon “very sporty” option meeting point is the free car park above the Vesonne village on the D42 towards the Montmin village and the Col de la Forclaz.

GPS point : 45.77159 – 6.25840

Car park Montmin canyon “very sporty” option

Montmin “very sporty” canyon car park

canyon Montmin sportif parking

Video canyon Montmin “very sporty” option

Montmin “very sporty” option video

Canyoning outdoor activity

First of all, canyoning is an outdoor sporting activity with no need for a boat. It involves walking, swimming and crossing obstacles in different ways, either by jumping, sliding, abseiling. It is therefore essential to know how to swim.

Secondly, the approach, descent and return times are given as a guide only, and may vary according to weather conditions, how often the canyon is used and the level of the group.

Please note that canyoning is not recommended for people who are sensitive to vertigo or have weak backs. So please, don’t force anyone to come. It is OBLIGATORY to inform us of any physical or mental handicap when you make your reservation, just as it is required to inform the guide before your departure in canyon.

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