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Booking canyoning trip

To book your canyoning trip with Odyssée Canyon around Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers in Haute-Savoie and Savoie, Emmanuelle is on call 7/7 from 8am to 8pm on +33 630 682 762. She can give you details of availability and help you choose your canyoning option.

We offer canyoning trips of varying levels in different areas : Annecy, Albertville and Moutiers. The success of an outing depends first and foremost on your choice of canyon, and consequently on the canyon that is best suited to you. For this, we have “discovery” or “sportif” canyoning, “family” canyoning and water trekking. If you are calling from outside the European Union, you can also call us on WhatsApp. We do not take bookings by SMS.

Once you have made your booking and given Emmanuelle your name, telephone number, height and weight as well as a possible shoe size for your canyoning boot reservation, she will send you a confirmation by text with a meeting time and place and a GPS location.

You can contact us by e-mail at odyssee-canyon@orange.fr or send us a message.

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Material supplied

Neoprene wetsuit, canyoning harness, helmet, canyoning bag…


Closed tennis type shoes. Bathing suit or shorts. Aquashoes prohibited. You can reserve a pair of SELAND canyon shoes with Emmanuelle when you book. Allow an extra 10€ per pair of shoes. Please note, however, that we only have a limited stock available. RESERVATION MANDATORY.


Personal liability insurance MANDATORY.

Meeting time

The appointment time will be communicated to you by Emmanuelle when you make your reservation.


Payment must be made on site by cheque or cash. We do not accept credit cards or vacation vouchers.

banniere odyssee canyon with canyoning in savoie haute savoie and canyoning near annecy and albertville as well as water trekking